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Frequently Asked Questions About Respite Care

What is respite care for elderly adults?

Respite care allows you, the caregiver, time to recharge and provides help with daily tasks for your loved one. A companion or homemaker, two services which we provide, could provide temporary housekeeping, errands, daily hygiene, and travel to appointments, just to mention a few tasks for you when you are out-of-town or get some extra sleep or take care of your own personal to-do list!

Can respite care be used at a medical facility?

We know how families feel when they cannot be at a hospital or nursing facility as often as they would like. Maybe you can get there most weekends, but you know it would be helpful to have someone bedside even for a couple of hours mid-week. Respite care can be arranged at a facility, not just at a residence.

Does Medicare and/or Medicaid cover respite care?

Respite Medicare coverage is often limited to those receiving care in a nursing home, hospice inpatient facility, or hospital. If your family member receives this type of care, there are limitations on respite care coverage. These include the fact that the patient must receive care in a Medicare-certified facility. Each state administers Medicaid differently, so you will need to check Virginia’s policy for more information. We can help you determine what options you have for respite care.

How much time in advance do I have to arrange for respite care?

Sometimes our client families end up with an unexpected time when they cannot provide care to a loved one at home. We understand that and work immediately when you call to identify a qualified, caring personal care professional or companion selected for your needs. In most cases, we can fulfill your need within 24 hours? 48 hours?